Saving money on your Honeymoon

Here are compare currency card’s 6 money saving tips for travelling on a budget on your honeymoon.

As if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough, planning your honeymoon can really save you money.

1. Understand what you want from your honeymoon

With your partner really get to grips what you want from your honeymoon, do you want a luxury hotel? Will you be travelling a lot? What are must-haves and nice-to-haves?  Once you understand what you really want you can work out the best value honeymoon that ticks all the boxes.

2. Research

When you have a firm idea on where and when you will be travelling, do your research, review sites such as TripAdvisor is a great place to start. Also, look at sites that book flights and hotels combined and also look into booking them separately.  Although there is a raft of information on the web, your good old-fashioned travel agent should also be considered, if nothing else they may come up with ideas you have never considered. Travel agents can also really take the stress out of your trip, so whilst it may not be the cheapest option it will undoubtedly be the most stress-free!

3. Consider an all-inclusive hotel

For all out relaxation and not having to worry about counting the pennies look into all-inclusive deals.

4. Set up a Honeymoon Fund          

Consider setting up a honeymoon fund so family and friends can choose to contribute to your honeymoon instead of choosing gifts from a traditional registry.

5. Order your currency before you travel

You can save hundreds of pounds by organising your travel money before you travel, you can compare the best prepaid currency cards here.

6. Play the honeymoon card

From airport check-in to booking tables at restaurants, let everybody know you are on your honeymoon, speaking from personal experience you will be shocked at how much free stuff is thrown at you and how you constantly get upgraded

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