Using a prepaid currency card abroad

Guide to Using a prepaid currency card overseas

Prepaid currency cards (also known as a travel money card) are a great option for overseas travel, it is convenient, you can lock in rates before you travel and also have the option to load your card with more currency when abroad.

Each prepaid currency card has a different fee structure, you can compare and find the best prepaid currency card here with our free comparison service.

The important things to watch out for are:

  • Card activation fees
  • Replacement card fees
  • Cost of additional cards
  • ATM withdrawal fees

Prepaid currency cards work like a normal debit or credit card most of the time. When using an ATM although your card provider may not charge for ATM withdrawals the owner of the ATM may well charge a fee, the ATM will almost certainly show a message to confirm this. Our advise it to try another suppliers ATM to find one that doesn’t charge a fee.

Although prepaid cards work the same as a normal debit or credit card we strongly advise you to not use your card for the following:

  • Security Deposits at hotels or car rental companies
  • Automatic petrol pumps
  • Toll roads
  • Over the phone purchases

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